Holiday club 2012

So far during holiday club 2012 Skools Out children have enjoyed a huge choice of activities, from designing a new Skools Out flag to high wire play adventure. Children have visited a cheese factory in Garstang, had presentation day with awards and trophies, been to design and make their own bedroom door plates from wood, been swimming every Monday, done treasure hunts around Fleetwood, been invited to Fleetwood Library to take part in mask making, story time, creative play, visited the beach, the parks, been practising hard for Skools Outs got talent show and much much more. Still to come is Sports Day, horse riding, singleton Maze, cooking lessons, music day, Skools Outs Got Talent Final, Blackpool Zoo, odd sock day and much more. It’s so far been a jam packed first few weeks enjoyed by everyone. Holiday club 2012 Fun Fun Fun …..